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Safety Comes First

Keeping in mind that the teachers ought to know the immediate care that can be rendered to sick or injured children to prevent further damage, D.A.V. Public School, Nerul arranged for an orientation programme on first aid for pre-primary teachers on 5th July 2014. The teachers got a golden opportunity to seek some information on how could they contribute to be of a great help for the gentle lives in case of emergencies.

This orientation was conducted by a team of renowned doctors like Dr. Subash Rao, consultant Pediatrician, Hon Sec Indian Academy of Pedratics, Navi Mumbai, Dr. B. G. Ranpise, President of Indian Academy of Pedratics, and Dr. Upendra Kinjawadekar, renowned Pediatrician.

They touched the crucial and common scenarios like minor injuries (cuts, scrapes), serious cuts, wounds, fever, blunt injury to abdomen, vomiting, foreign body ingestion, choking, nose bleeding, head injury, headache, knocked out tooth, genital injuries, fractures etc. The doctors’ presentation coupled with live demonstration gave more insight to the actual situation.

Some steps that could be followed in case of emergency cases in the school are- stay calm, take control till more qualified person arrives, call the parents immediately, assess the situation, make quick decisions and control the crowd. The doctors also advised to compulsorily have a first aid box in the schools, trained nurse and a list of hospitals and their telephone numbers.

The take-home messages were:-
•    First aid knowledge is mandatory.
•    It can be life saving.
•    Keep first aid box handy.
•    Check the first aid box and replace the used items.
•    Keep an audit of its contents.
•    Keep a protocol for managing common illness and injuries.

The team of Pre-Primary teachers thanked the renowned doctors for their invaluable contribution which was rendered towards the common goal of safety and security of children.