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Dear Children,

“Thou art thy mother’s prism The April of her bosom”

These two lines above are of William Shakespeare, the greatest writer the world has ever seen. Shakespeare was also the greatest Essayist as well as Playwright of all times. Born on 14thApril 1564 at Stratford in England, Shakespeare’s mastery over words, his beautiful expressions and great style of writing, all endeared himself to countless people over the world.

So are the two lines that self speak who you children are .Shakespeare says you are the mirrors on which your parents view themselves every day. They see in you their innocent childhood days; they see their strength in your youthfulness; they recall their freedom days and they break open happy when they watch you laugh and  run around.

A small bruise here, a little abrasion there, alas! they feel pangs in their hearts; for they love you…you are the wingless angels in their fairyland.

Eat what they give you, for what they give you shall be the richest; the most sought after, and the tastiest ever ….cooked in the oven of love.

Do what they tell you, for they desire the best in the world for you ,the best that even the mightiest king in the world would dare not wish, to order for fear of their cost.

Shower them with your appreciation, with your sweet kisses, for all else is meaningless unto them.

Pray for your parents, for God promptly hears the prayers of children, because they are the closest ones to his kind heart.

Wish the best  for all your teachers, for they always stand by you ,to see you bloom aplenty.

Dear Colleagues,

In equal measures, we share all the pains of being a human, like everyone else in the world. We encounter all the inevitables with the limitations of  human conditions and verily we belong to the same family of our brethren around us. We age, we are mortals, we are victims to all illness, get entangled in different  emotional involvements of which some deeply aching our hearts and some tenderly hurting us and truly we are one among all.

We smell flowers ,delightful and magical; the world place garlands on our necks-garlands of sweet violets, handpicked carnations, perfect roses, inspiring tulips and of tender buds that are filled with promises and mysteries that invite us to discover and rediscover ourselves……and yet we are very much alike ……one among all.

The deepest nerves of our lives are touched and we bend under the weight  of profound gratitude being expressed by the world from time to time; a million cells that radiate courage and valour are pumped  into the cavities of our brains when we are called visionaries , perfectionists and beloveds, yet we are same….like our kindred spirits.

We taste bitterness, we have learnt to associate humliations with unspeakable sorrow; we have groomed ourselves to deface the signature of our personal pains written on our faces; we have learnt to convert our disappointments and our weaknesses into delights and strengths….And truly we are one like all.

YET before our graves are excavated, before our coffins are sealed and still earlier, nay the earliest ….before the next change of seasons, let us know that WE ARE DIFFRRENT,….we are unlike…We are called to  love, care and understand. With all fundamental and structural deformities and imperfections that we have, we are called to dedicate to the cause of happiness and peace.

Our unwillingness  to surrender to the mission, our distraction from the cause, our arrogance, our self-centeredness and our indifference shall invite the wrath of the longings of life’s own throbs, for which ,may we know that no antidote exists.

May we pray, hope and find fulfilled in our lives, the mystery of creation, the contentment, the beauty, magic and the miracle of our childhood being radiated and filled in all the days, nay all the moments of our lives.

With profound Love and Regards
Jose Kurian