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The Clash of Titans

Children are often called little angels. But dealing with a class full of angels at a time is no less than a battle for a pre-primary teacher. These children have, along with their peers, built a small world of their own. When they enter the school they have their bellies swollen with loads of things to share with their friends as well as their teachers, particularly class teacher. Oh!! What joy it gives when a child comes and says “teacher you are looking so beautiful today.” 

It is sometimes indeed a daunting task to lend an ear to all of them but it is also an amazing experience to resolve their problems and issues in a very candid manner different from ours. Holding on to their attention for around twenty minutes is a herculean task as they are often found busy taking care and protecting their valuable treasures like pencils, sharpeners, rubbers, colours and other knick knacks.

If you make a child stand on being caught talking or doing something he/she vehemently disagree and the adjoining area will immediately join into the cacophony of who the real culprit is. Our one praise lands them into cloud nine and one strong rebuke makes them fall with a thud. When you gaze them from a distance, it is a visual treat to watch their frequent bonding and sharing sometimes coupled with their index and little figure .

Though , during the school hours it may appear a little taxing to handle this band of sixty odd younglings, but at the end of the day, it fills one, at the resting time at home, with very attaching memories of the young, bright and innocent faces in their glee with no dirt of the mundane world .To be true, it even refreshes the teacher with the purity and energy of the children which takes away the pain of the labour of the day and how the boredom of taking classes every day disappears into thin air. A teacher is then again fresh and ready to enter that innocent world every morning with pleasure.

By Sutapa Anand

Pre-Primary teacher

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