Plot No 34, Sector 48, Nerul, Navi Mumbai - 400 706
Affilation No : 1130067
School Code : 30044
UDISE Code : 27211008810

D.A.V. Centre for Creative Education, Nerul was established in Mumbai for initiating creativity and originality among children in schools by involving teachers, parents, students, academicians, counsellors and professionals for promoting academic excellence through innovative teaching techniques and to develop life skills and personality of the growing up children through interactive programmes and networking of various training centres.
DAVCCE is also engaged in producing educational materials such as journals, monographs and audio-visual aids to supplement and strengthen the teaching-learning process, besides aiming at promoting better awareness among parents, teachers and all those who are involved in the over-all development of children. With the active involvement and co-operation of many eminent educationists and experts from different fields of studies, the centre has already organised many seminars, orientation programmes and workshops on various teaching-learning related issues like Effective Parenting, Value Education, Creative Learning and Technology Integration.

In its future course of action an earnest endeavour is being made by the Centre to analyse very closely and critically very pertinent educational issues like Student Psychology, Curriculum Development, Stress-Free Teaching-Learning methods, Role of Parents & Teachers, Community Participation in Education, Vocational Guidance, Behavioural Problems and Talent Promotion along with many other educationally relevant issues.
To achieve its aim of promoting excellence in education, the centre has already integrated in its inner fold the services of many eminent Educationalists, Child Specialists, and Psychologists. It Experts, Institutional Heads and Experts from various other fields of learning, besides the contribution and participation of various Resource Centers attached to different Educational Research Institutions.
In order to enable more people to benefit from the activities of the Centre, it has been decided to extend the initiative to parents and others who are keenly interested in the educational enrichment programmes of the Centre.
The members shall have the opportunity to participate in the various Orientation Programmes and Seminars. They shall also regularly receive the journals, monographs and other educational materials published by the Centre from time to time.
The members shall also have the opportunity to directly interact with eminent educationists and other Field Experts. Moreover, the centre shall also provide the members a platform to share their views and perceptions on various educational matters.

Do we really want our children……

  • To Have Peaceful Lives
  • To Appreciate and Value Themselves
  • To Have the Confidence and Self-Worth in Themselves
  • To Have Lots of Creative Imagination
  • To Be Self-Reliant
  • To Be Free from Stress and Anxiety
  • To Celebrate Their Present Moments
  • To Experience a Life time of Wellness
  • To Feel a Sense of Purpose
  • To be a Splendid Individual, A Marvellous Human Being

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