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Event Start Date : 15/08/2017 Event End Date 15/08/2017



Freedom from bondage, freedom to soar like a bird, freedom to chisel out one’s destiny, to chalk one’s path - these have always been close to man’s heart. The 71st Independence Day of our country was celebrated by the staff and students of DAV Public School Nerul, amidst great joy, enthusiasm and a surging feeling of patriotism and pride - pride for our culture and our roots, pride for the bond that connects the wisdom of our past to the achievements of the present and the aspirations of our future. The school building was decorated with tri-colored streamers, flowers and colorful rangoli patterns on the floor. The events of the day began with the hoisting of the National Flag and the singing of the National Anthem, after which the March past commenced in the quadrangle area. The exemplary rendering of the command, the oneness in the rhythmic movement of their feet and the alertness in their demeanour pointed to the hours of training that these students had undergone. The program continued with group songs and speeches by the students expressing their love for the country and awareness of their duties and role in its progress.

The culminating part of the program was a play and a group dance depicting the struggle for Independence, the arrival of Mahatma Gandhi and his faith in the policy of non-violence. The touching scenes of the sacrifice of martyrs, Gandhiji’s Dandi March and protest against Salt Taxes drew roaring applause from one and all.

The events of the day drew to a close with an extremely illuminating speech by the Regional Director and Principal, Mr. Jose Kurien, motivating the students to draw inspirations from the past since it is with hard work, determination and sincerity that these great men fought and achieved their goals. He also stressed on the mighty force of non-violence which had guided those involved in the freedom struggle.

The Independence Day celebrations succeeded in bringing before us the importance of freedom for the survival of humanity and the progress of society and reminded us of our sacred duty in safeguarding this hard won freedom.