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Event Start Date : 24/06/2016 Event End Date 24/06/2016

Folk songs and dances …… vibrant expressions of native man’s innermost emotions … celebrate his joys and hopes, his wishes and prayers, and carry his cultural lineage to the succeeding generations. They carry within themselves the earthy fragrance of traditions and sagas of the region and help connect people to their roots.

A folk dance competition was organized at DAV Public School, Nerul on
24th June 2016. The talented, budding artists of the school, draped in brightly colored traditional costumes, matching their steps to the lilt of the rhythmic folk songs created a magical aura, transporting the audience to a rustic world of peace, togetherness and simple joys. The lively steps of the Bhangda from Punjab, the grace of the Kalbeliya from Rajasthan, the fluid movements of the Sanedo, The Garba and Dandiya form Gujarat, the soothing  charm of the Bihu from Assam and the rustic beauty of the Lavani, the Koli and Malhar from Maharashtra ,all succeeded in weaving a spell, holding the audience enthralled and captivated. The folk dances which revealed the rich cultural heritage and identity of the individual states blended harmoniously, bringing to light the oneness underlying superficial differences.

The folk dance competition which offered the students a platform to showcase their talents saw their enthusiastic participation in large number. It also posed as a means to broaden their outlook, enabling them to understand and appreciate culture and tradition of societies far removed from their own, thus strengthening the bonds of cultural relations. Apart from folk dances of India, the folk dance of Egypt, the Tap dance of Russia and a Scottish dance set to instrumental music were also performed, giving an International flavor to the programme and bringing in a glimpse of cultures across the globe. This competition was indeed educative, entertaining and informative. It provided the students an opportunity to showcase the richness of the art and culture of their parent state while studying that of other regions and recognizing the importance of cross-cultural bonding and International harmony.