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” Maths is Fun”
Event Start Date : 30/09/2016 Event End Date 30/09/2016

Making kids love math is a challenge as Maths is a skill that takes a lot of brain power. Learning maths was made fun at D.A.V. public school, Nerul when the school’s Maths Club organised “Maths is Fun “activities for the primary students. For this origami and geometrical shapes were taken to introduce a wide range of geometry terms and concepts.

Rubik cube is the bestselling toy in the world as its challenging and there are millions of combinations that are possible with one cube. On the other hand it help the students to develop mathematical reasoning. It takes a mixture of skill and determination for anyone to solve the cube on their own. While there are a number of ways to test your spatial and problem-solving abilities, one of the most popular ones is the Rubik’s cube , the students showed great enthusiasm in the Rubik Cube Competition that was organised for the students of classes VII to X.The winners were able to solve the cube within  25 seconds. It was fun and will definitely help the learners develop a wider perception to the entire process of problem-solving and help them to tackle it better and with much more confidence than before.