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About Us

D.A.V. Centre for Creative Education, Nerul was established in Mumbai for initiating creativity and originality among children in schools by involving teachers, parents, students, academicians, counsellors and professionals for promoting academic excellence through innovative teaching techniques and to develop life skills and personality of the growing up children through interactive programmes and networking of various training centres.

DAVCCE is also engaged in producing educational materials such as journals, monographs and audio-visual aids to supplement and strengthen the teaching-learning process, besides aiming at promoting better awareness among parents, teachers and all those who are involved in the over-all development of children. With the active involvement and co-operation of many eminent educationists and experts from different fields of studies, the centre has already organised many seminars, orientation programmes and workshops on various teaching-learning related issues like Effective Parenting, Value Education, Creative Learning and Technology Integration.

In its future course of action an earnest endeavour is being made by the Centre to analyse very closely and critically very pertinent educational issues like Student Psychology, Curriculum Development, Stress-Free Teaching-Learning methods, Role of Parents & Teachers, Community Participation in Education, Vocational Guidance, Behavioural Problems and Talent Promotion along with many other educationally relevant issues.

To achieve its aim of promoting excellence in education, the centre has already integrated in its inner fold the services of many eminent Educationalists, Child Specialists, and Psychologists. It Experts, Institutional Heads and Experts from various other fields of learning, besides the contribution and participation of various Resource Centers attached to different Educational Research Institutions.

In order to enable more people to benefit from the activities of the Centre, it has been decided to extend the initiative to parents and others who are keenly interested in the educational enrichment programmes of the Centre.
The members shall have the opportunity to participate in the various Orientation Programmes and Seminars. They shall also regularly receive the journals, monographs and other educational materials published by the Centre from time to time.
The members shall also have the opportunity to directly interact with eminent educationists and other Field Experts. Moreover, the centre shall also provide the members a platform to share their views and perceptions on various educational matters.

Do we really want our children……
To Have Peaceful Lives
To Appreciate and Value Themselves
To Have the Confidence and Self-Worth in Themselves
To Have Lots of Creative Imagination
To Be Self-Reliant
To Be Free from Stress and Anxiety
To Celebrate Their Present Moments
To Experience a Life time of Wellness
To Feel a Sense of Purpose
To be a Splendid Individual, A Marvellous Human Being
Participate……Share…….Sensitize and strengthen your vision through

DAV Movement
Dayanand Anglo Vedic College Trust & Management Society was founded in the year 1885 to achieve the goals set up by Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati who was not only a social reformer and one of the greatest patriots of his time – but also as Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore called him – “a great path-maker in Modern India”.


The society was established to spread Maharishi Dayanand’s teachings and ideals for reviving the study of the Vedas and to bring about a social and moral change in the Indian society which at that time was in the clutches of ignorance, superstitions, blind faith, retrogressive practices and inhuman customs.

D.A.V. continues to propagate the message of the Vedas and the progressive views of Maharishi Dayanand along with making available to people the latest research in the sphere of Science, Technology and Education.

Today D.A.V. has become synonymous with Excellence in Education. During the past 25 years, the movement has taken a big leap forward by starting a chain of public schools in different states of our country. At present the D.A.V. is perhaps one single private organisation which is running and managing more than 600 schools, colleges, medical and technical institutions in different states and far-flung areas of our country. D.A.V. also runs educational centres in some foreign countries like Nepal, Mauritius, Japan, U.K. & U.S.A.

To know more about DAV click on http://www.davmanagement.com/

DAV President

DAV has been making a significant contribution to the society through spreading value-based education keeping the ancient Vedic heritage in mind. In fact, it is the only organization which has set high standards in education while maintaining a balance between Vedic wisdom and modernity.
The organization runs and manages over 720 educational institutions comprising of public schools, grants-in-aid schools, colleges, institutes of professional education and research institutions all over India and abroad. Recently, the organization has taken one step forward by initiating the project of DAV University at Jalandhar, Punjab.
Presently, DAV has taken some crucial steps in its pursuit of excellence. Some of these are: Modernization of infrastructure in schools and colleges, Introducing technology in teaching-learning process, Creating a network of people all over the globe through Alumni Foundation, Strengthening Vedic virtues, etc.
While DAV feels proud of its achievements, it is yet not contented. Its vision is to be crowned as the finest educational organization in the world. Its mission is man-making, dispelling knowledge and building Vedic values. Our success in this endeavor has the potential of making our society free from prejudices and vices.
We, the members of DAV fraternity, believe that the best way to bring a change is to initiate it. With this belief, we have continually engaged over more than 125 years in a relentless endeavor to grow and develop into a pioneer organization in the field of education.
Shri Punam Suri

Regional Director
It has been a great joy to see DAV School, Nerul, Navi Mumbai growing in comprehensive excellence.Apart from academic refinement initiatives, the school has been enthusiastically organizing several cultural and sports activities. It is encouraging to note that the students have been excelling in several Inter-School Competitions.

The earnest efforts are being made here to orient the students to value eduaction through several educational projects.We trust the creative capabilities of the students and their immense capacities to learn through exposure and experience.

The periodic educational exhibitions organized by the school have been reflecting the creative talent of the student.

DAV has always considered education as collaborative venture where the student, teachers, and the parents, and all associated with the institutional initiatives play a vital role towards evolving the congenial climate and culture for Holistic Education.

We reaffirm our commitment to develop DAV School as a center for educational innovation and interactive learning.

It is hoped that with the direction and guidance of the DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi and the devoted and dedicated efforts of the Principal, the Staff and all those associated with this institution, the school shall continue to grow in educational excellence.


Principal's Message

Dear Children,

“Thou art thy mother’s prism|
The April of her bosom”


These two lines above are of William Shakespeare, the greatest writer the world has ever seen. Shakespeare was also the greatest Essayist as well as Playwright of all times. Born on 14thApril 1564 at Stratford in England, Shakespeare’s mastery over words, his beautiful expressions and great style of writing, all endeared himself to countless people over the world.

So are the two lines that self speak who you children are .Shakespeare says you are the mirrors on which your parents view themselves every day. They see in you their innocent childhood days; they see their strength in your youthfulness; they recall their freedom days and they break open happy when they watch you laugh and  run around.

A small bruise here, a little abrasion there, alas! they feel pangs in their hearts; for they love you…you are the wingless angels in their fairyland.

Eat what they give you, for what they give you shall be the richest; the most sought after, and the tastiest ever ….cooked in the oven of love.

Do what they tell you, for they desire the best in the world for you ,the best that even the mightiest king in the world would dare not wish, to order for fear of their cost.

Shower them with your appreciation, with your sweet kisses, for all else is meaningless unto them.

Pray for your parents, for God promptly hears the prayers of children, because they are the closest ones to his kind heart.

Wish the best  for all your teachers, for they always stand by you ,to see you bloom aplenty.


Jose Kurian


Dear Colleagues,

In equal measures, we share all the pains of being a human, like everyone else in the world. We encounter all the inevitables with the limitations of  human conditions and verily we belong to the same family of our brethren around us. We age, we are mortals, we are victims to all illness, get entangled in different  emotional involvements of which some deeply aching our hearts and some tenderly hurting us and truly we are one among all.

We smell flowers ,delightful and magical; the world place garlands on our necks-garlands of sweet violets, handpicked carnations, perfect roses, inspiring tulips and of tender buds that are filled with promises and mysteries that invite us to discover and rediscover ourselves……and yet we are very much alike ……one among all.

The deepest nerves of our lives are touched and we bend under the weight  of profound gratitude being expressed by the world from time to time; a million cells that radiate courage and valour are pumped  into the cavities of our brains when we are called visionaries , perfectionists and beloveds, yet we are same….like our kindred spirits.

We taste bitterness, we have learnt to associate humliations with unspeakable sorrow; we have groomed ourselves to deface the signature of our personal pains written on our faces; we have learnt to convert our disappointments and our weaknesses into delights and strengths….And truly we are one like all.

YET before our graves are excavated, before our coffins are sealed and still earlier, nay the earliest ….before the next change of seasons, let us know that WE ARE DIFFRRENT,….we are unlike…We are called to  love, care and understand. With all fundamental and structural deformities and imperfections that we have, we are called to dedicate to the cause of happiness and peace.

Our unwillingness  to surrender to the mission, our distraction from the cause, our arrogance, our self-centeredness and our indifference shall invite the wrath of the longings of life’s own throbs, for which ,may we know that no antidote exists.

May we pray, hope and find fulfilled in our lives, the mystery of creation, the contentment, the beauty, magic and the miracle of our childhood being radiated and filled in all the days, nay all the moments of our lives.

With profound Love and Regards

Jose Kurian


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Thought of the Day
The limits of your mind define the boundaries of your world.